Rosie Danvers collaborated with London Grammar


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As part of the Amazon Originals series inspired and curated by Chris Koegan at Amazon Music, Rosie Danvers collaborated with London Grammar for the orchestral version of their song ‘Lord it’s a Feeling’ and recorded it in Abbey Road’s Studio 2.

‘It was an absolute dream and privilege to work on this song.
I took the electronic sounds the band had created for the original version and transferred them onto orchestral instruments, such as the celeste, marimba, woodwind, brass, a female choir and really rich and beautiful strings. The track inspired me to take it to a whole new level of emotion and make it as stirringly powerful as possible, keeping in mind that the whole song needed to feel like it was building continuously throughout.’

QUOTE FROM NME: London Grammar drop their breathtaking orchestral version of ‘Lord its a Feeling’

London Grammar have shared a transcendental new version of their track ‘Lord It’s A Feeling’’ recorded live from London’s iconic Abbey Road Studios with a full orchestra.

The track – initially released as the final single from London Grammar’s third album, ‘Californian Soil’ – translates effortlessly to the spatial, all-analogue setting of Abbey Road. Where the album version shines with digitised strings and glittering keyboards, the Abbey Road mix ups the ante with rich, swelling violins and warm cello, angelic harp chords and stacked vocal harmonies.


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