Rosie Danvers recently collaborated with Mika


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Rosie Danvers recently collaborated with Mika on a beautiful track for his new current album ‘My Name is Michael Holbrook’.

The track’s title, ‘Paloma’, is about his sister’s tragic accident.. see below.

String Arrangement written by Rosie Danvers and Performed by Wired Strings. String session produced by Tommy Danvers, Engineered by Nick Taylor and Recorded at Air Edel Studios, London, 2019.

When Mika first sent me this track on first listen I thought it was an upbeat song, the melody and chords so uplifting.. when I began to listen to the lyrics I realized it was actually a song about his sister Paloma’s very tragic accident. However, she miraculously survived and the song had a euphoric and redemptive ending.

In this arrangement I had to encapsulate the drama and sadness together with the feeling of hope and euphoria that she survived.

Despite being known for exhibiting a force of positivity, the musician explores some darker tones to differing levels of effect. ‘Paloma’ is about MIKA’s sister, who in 2010 unfortunately fell out of a window and sustained life-threatening injuries. He depicts her as angelic, before being thrown from a skyline that cracks and shatters as if it was a snow globe before eventually returning to rise again by the songs end. The most emotionally affecting track, it is a heartfelt ode to his sister.


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