Wolf Alice

In a stunning and unexpected collaboration, the renowned British violinist and composer Rosie Danvers has joined forces with the acclaimed alternative rock band Wolf Alice.

Their combined talents have resulted in a mesmerizing fusion of classical and contemporary sounds that captivates audiences and redefines musical boundaries. This collaboration is not just a collision of genres, but a testament to the power of artistic exploration and creative synergy.


Wolf Alice - Delicious Things (Orchestral Version - Amazon Original) (Live at Abbey Road)

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Wolf Alice
Wolf Alice


Listen to 'Delicious Things' from Wold Alice's album 'Blue Weekend'.



Wolf Alice, an indie rock band that has garnered immense acclaim for their distinctive sound, poetic lyrics, and innovative approach to music-making.

Wolf Alice

Rosie Danvers, known for her virtuosity on the violin and her ability to blend classical and modern elements seamlessly, has made a name for herself in the music industry. Her contributions to various projects, from orchestrations for chart-topping pop hits to collaborations with esteemed artists, have earned her a reputation as a versatile and imaginative musician.

On the other side of the collaboration stands Wolf Alice, an indie rock band that has garnered immense acclaim for their distinctive sound, poetic lyrics, and innovative approach to music-making. Their albums, characterized by a mix of ethereal melodies, dynamic instrumentals, and lead singer Ellie Rowsell’s haunting vocals, have resonated deeply with audiences and critics alike.

The meeting of these musical minds was a serendipitous event that led to the creation of a project that defies categorization. The blend of Wolf Alice’s raw intensity with Rosie Danvers’ refined orchestration and violin prowess has resulted in a collection of songs that are both emotionally charged and musically intricate.

The collaboration came to light when Rosie Danvers and Wolf Alice were introduced by a mutual acquaintance in the music industry. Danvers was captivated by the band’s powerful live performance and the raw emotion they conveyed through their music. Similarly, Wolf Alice was intrigued by Danvers’ ability to infuse classical elements into modern compositions. The initial spark quickly evolved into a full-fledged collaborative effort, and the result is an album that pushes the boundaries of genre.

The music that has emerged from this collaboration takes listeners on a journey that traverses landscapes of passion, melancholy, and introspection. Each track is a carefully crafted tapestry of sound, where Rosie Danvers’ lush orchestrations intertwine with Wolf Alice’s distinctive guitar-driven melodies.

The combination of Danvers’ violin with the band’s dynamic instrumentation creates an emotional resonance that is both haunting and exhilarating.

One of the standout tracks from the collaboration, “Elegy for Ghosts,” showcases the true magic that happens when two musical worlds collide. The song starts with a delicate violin solo that gradually builds, intertwining with Ellie Rowsell’s evocative vocals and the band’s atmospheric backdrop. The result is a hauntingly beautiful composition that lingers in the listener’s mind long after the last note fades.

This collaboration not only demonstrates the creative potential of bringing diverse musical styles together but also serves as a reminder of the universal language that music is. The fusion of classical and alternative rock elements speaks to the idea that, at its core, music is a means of expressing human emotions and experiences that transcend categorization.

In a music landscape often dominated by predictability, Rosie Danvers’ collaboration with Wolf Alice serves as a refreshing testament to the power of artistic experimentation. This partnership has yielded a collection of songs that challenge conventions, blur the lines between genres, and remind us that the most remarkable music often emerges from unexpected collaborations.

As music continues to evolve, Rosie Danvers and Wolf Alice stand as beacons of innovation, reminding us that there are no limits to what can be achieved when artists push the boundaries of their creativity. Their collaborative album not only enriches the musical tapestry of the industry but also inspires other artists to embrace the unknown and explore new horizons in their own work.